The Future of Real Estate: New Homes

Real estate agents are stalled on the railroad tracks, and a high-speed train is headed in their direction. Home builders

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The Only Reason You Should Add New Homes To Your Showing Schedule

You should make new homes part of your regular showing strategy to sell more resales, get more listings and close

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Two women reviewing a contract.

Three New Homes Sales Myths Debunked

You might have the wrong idea about selling new homes. Let us help clear up some myths. Warning: Debunking the

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Realtor in foreground with family in background.

How To Show New Homes

More than half of today’s new home shoppers will consider buying new homes, so why are you only showing resale?

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Couple discussing a home purchase.

New Homes Create Four Commission Opportunities

Learn how new homes can create four distinct commission streams for real estate agents Question: If you owned a business

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Happy estate agent showing new home keys to a young couple after a discussion on house plans.

How to Register Your Buyer with a Builder

Registering your home buyer with the builder is a key step in the process of working with a home builder.

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Construction worker with plans

After The Model Tour, Make Sure Your Clients Walk The Homesite

What better way to imagine living in a new home than walking the homesite? Skipping this part of the selling

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