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4 Ways to Maximize Your Real Estate Network to Gain Leads

Don’t just rely on word-of-mouth, referrals from satisfied clients and traditional advertising vehicles to grow. Networking can boost your lead

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A Different Financing Option for Baby Boomer Buyers

As you help your clients look for the right home, have you considered the right financing program? An HECM for

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How to Discuss New Construction in a Homebuyer Consultation

A homebuyer consultation is the ideal time to determine if a new-construction home is what your client is searching for.

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Becoming a 55+ Real Estate Agent

A good 55+ real estate agent understands the unique needs of senior clients. Are you considering adding a real estate

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Cultivating Boomerang Buyers

Buyers who lost their homes in the housing bubble may be ready to purchase another home, so knowing how to

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Closing on New Homes Versus Resale: How Do They Differ?

There are many similarities to the closing process for both new and existing homes, but there are a few differences

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2018 Real Estate Predictions Realtors Should Know About

2018 is expected to be a good year for housing and homebuyers. 2018 is expected to be a good year

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3 Tips for Building Great Co-broking Relationships with Builders

Working with builders is a win-win situation for Realtors and real estate agents. Working with builders in the new home

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Builder Warranties: Helping Your Clients Stay Informed

Your clients will be interested in the home warranty that’s offered to them when they build their new home, so

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Builder Sales Office Etiquette for Realtors

Knowing some basic builder etiquette when touring new homes can help strengthen your relationship with a builder and foster a

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Catering to the Active Adult Homebuyer

Looking for info on how to cater to the active adult home buyer? The key hides within the word “active.”

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A New Way of Touring Model Homes: Virtual Reality

In 2022, many realtors are looking for new ways to leverage technology for their business. As web-based apps, contactless payments,

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