Getting the Most Out of New Home Source Professional

Learning how to use New Home Source Professional is a breeze — and it can help you get much closer to making your next sale

At New Home Source Professional, it is our goal to aid real estate professionals in finding all the information they need about n­ew homes and, in return, convey those findings to their clients, the new home shoppers.

Because NHSPro contains the largest collection of new home, community and builder listings nationwide, that goal — and yours — can be reached in no time. Oh, and did we mention it’s 100 percent free to use?

Now that we’ve got your attention, the point of this article is to help you discover how to use our website at max capacity and to get you that much closer to finding your client’s dream home and making your next sale. So let’s jump in.

 To begin, we’ll start with the search function on the NHSPro home page.

Our search engine allows you to type in your desired location, community name or metro area in the search bar. You are also able to limit your search results by adding extra criteria below the search bar: minimum and maximum price range, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and square footage. Once this information is inputted, simply click the orange “Find Homes” button.

Additionally, if these criteria still pull up an overwhelming amount of results, there’s an “Advance Search” option below the orange button. Here, in addition to the above criteria, you can input more including school districts, community and builder name, amenities, garage space, number of living areas and stories, home type, master bedroom upstairs or downstairs, construction status, or by available promotions.

Once you have selected your criteria and hit the search button, you will be brought to a community results page. Down the center column numerous communities and their respective builders that fit your criteria will be listed. If one piques your interest, simply click on it to find its individual listing. There you’ll find more information about the community, builder and floor plans that are available.

At the top of this column, you’ll also find a tab to display quick move-in homes, or homes that are already built or are currently under construction and will be completed soon. Below that will be an option to expand the map where you can render pins to see where and how many communities are located around your search area.

Another option on the community results page can be found down the column on the left-hand side. Here you’ll find another area to edit your criteria to refine your search results yet again. You can adjust sliders to tweak your results by miles from city center, price ranges and square footage, and hover over other options to bring up more criteria, and even edit your search location.

At the top of the column on the far right, you can also refine your results by selecting a single builder you may be interested in. You will see a window where builder logos will be scrolling by, but you can see a list of builder names in your search location by clicking on the “All area builders” link below the window.

Now, let’s explore the community details page. Once you select a community from the center column, you will be brought to the community listing. Here you’ll find the community name, the builder, a description about the community written by the builder, price and square footage range, photo and video gallery, and more.

On the right side of the gallery are a number of tools. One is the ability to send a custom brochure of the listing to your clients. Second is an area to contact the builder directly via email if you have an inquiry or would like to schedule an appointment. Below that will be additional information about the community including a map and address, phone number and hours of the community sales center. There will also be the option to save the listing to favorites (more on that later) and to send the listing’s link directly to your phone.

Below this area in yellow is where builder alerts will be listed. These include things like whether the home is considered “green” or if there are any promotions going on.

Further down the page you’ll see images of specific homes and floor plans available in this community. These also include details about the home and are clickable to bring up a page providing more details and options about that specific home, much like the community listing itself, with the addition of floor plan drawings, links to similar plans, and driving directions. Also note that there will be links for you to ask the builder about how they handle agent compensation, to request an appointment, and to send a brochure to a client.

In fact, the capability to send brochures is one of key features of NHSPro. One you select that option, a window will appear to enter your client or clients’ name and email information. Please note that this is a safe environment where your client relationships are always protected. Information about your buyers will never be shared with a builder.

That window will also give you the option to customize your brochure via your account settings. By default, this brochure will not include any contact information about the builder so that your client will be urged to contact you for more information.

Another feature of the website is the “My Clients” section, which you can find at the top of the home page if you are logged in. Here you can track their information, activity and your interactions with them. You will also be able to add your own notes about them such as what type of home they are looking for and where.

Remember the favorite button from earlier? You’ll also be able to see homes or communities they have favorited in this space. There is an additional section for you to find you own favorites, which you can find next to the “My Clients” tab.

Next to this tab is the “My Brochure Template” tab. Here you will be able to customize how your brochures will appear when they are sent to clients. You will have the option to add an agent photo and logo, your name, email address, agency or company name, city, state and phone number.

And, in the “My Account” tab, you’ll be able to update your account information at any time in addition to signing up for a weekly email of the promotions, events and builder inventory homes available in your area.

Finally, one of NHSPro’s most important features, is its “Articles & Advice” section. Here you’ll find articles written by industry experts in the categories New Home 101, Why Show New, How to Sell New and The Building Process.

To access exclusive agent promotions, send customized brochures to your clients, and to communicate directly with builders, make sure you register for your free account today! And, to answer any other questions you may have, check out the “Help” page.

And don’t forget to check out New Home Source TV, your source for the most truly new homes featuring insights from architects, designers, contractors and other experts, hosted by certified home inspector Brett Tutor. 

About the author 

Drew Knight

Drew Knight is a freelance writer for Builders Digital Experience (BDX). He graduated from Texas A&M University in December 2014 with a degree in agricultural communications and journalism. He previously edited and designed pages for the Bryan-College Station (Texas) city paper The Eagle, wrote for the Brazos Valley’s premier arts and entertainment publication Maroon Weekly and worked in publicity at Warner Bros. Records in New York City.

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